Tuscany: Italy’s most popular destination

With its rolling hills of green, vibrant vineyards and intriguing cities, it’s no wonder that Tuscany has taken the top spot as Italy’s Number One holiday destination for Italian tourists.

tuscany-epic-view.jpgThanks to Italy's wealth of attractions, famous cities and sublime coastal resorts, many Italians choose a “staycation” over travelling abroad for their summer vacation. And according to the most recent Confturismo-Istituto Piepoli Observatory survey, Tuscany is the top choice for Italians looking to holiday at home, with Puglia and Sardinia taking the second and third spots.

Part of the reason why tourists love Tuscany is the wealth of attractions and the diversity of the sights – afterall, where else in Italy could you find vibrant cities of unrivalled Renaissance beauty as well as sublime coastal resorts and, of course, Italy’s most famous wine regions?!

As well as Italian tourists, Tuscany attracts visitors from across the globe and the Tuscany Tourist Promotion survey has predicted that summer 2017 will see an increase in visitors from outside of Italy visiting the region, with many choosing the famous city of Florence for their Tuscany vacation. However, if you’re thinking about a holiday to Tuscany, we highly recommend a twin- or multi-centre package that allows you to visit more than one resort in Tuscany on a single holiday. Some of our favourite combinations include:

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