Japanese Festival in Florence

The Renaissance city of Florence may not seem like the place to head to for Japanese culture, but the annual Japanese Festival in Florence plans to change that!

In previous years, the Japanese Festival in Italy has been hosted by Scandicci; however, this year, it is being hosted by beautiful Florence and will take place between November 17th and 19th, 2017, at the Visarno Racecourse (Ippodromo delle Cascine) to the northwest of the city centre.

During the Japanese Festival in Florence there will be a selection of events to enjoy designed to celebrate Japanese history, culture and food. Among the events will be kabuki dance performances, kimono dress workshops, Japanese calligraphy, paper wire art and origami, meaning this is an unmissable event for anyone interest in Japanese culture. There will also be martial art demonstrations and traditional Japanese products, such as tea and desserts.

And if you’re eager to sample some Japanese food while in Japan, head to Banki-Ramen near Santa Maria Novella, which is by day a bar, but at night becomes a vibrant ramen restaurant. There’s also a charming Japanese restaurant in Piazza Donatello, called Hibiki-àn, offering traditional cuisine – the cotton cake is a Bellarome staff favourite! Finally, for Japanese sake, we recommend heading to Via Giuseppe Verdi, where you’ll find the Koto Ramen Restaurant, which has a fine selection of sake that you can try.

In addition to this Japanese Festival in Florence, there will also be an exquisite selection of exhibitions at Magliabechiana Hall at the Uffizi in January 2018, including stunning Japanese screen paintings (click here to find out more).

Where: Visarno Racecourse (Ippodromo delle Cascine), Florence

When: 17th to 19th November 2017

Price: Free to enter

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